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Abstract with a soul

between figuration 65x50cm acryl on paper
abstract pastel
Between figures, acryl on paper 65x50
Livresque, oil on canvas 100x80
life & pride acryl on canvas  60x81cm
Mystery guest acryl,pastel on board 50x40
 conceptual horizon    oil painting 
Journal tv      acryl on pastel
les feux de la rampe, acryl, pastel on paper
la marche feministe 80x60 oil on canvas
soul, acryl on canvas 90x70cm
Strength, acryl on paper 65x50cm
Beauty in beholders eyes, acryl on paper 65x50
studio nighfall acryl on paper 50x65cm
endless experience, acrylic on canvas  60x100cm
Positivity,   oil on canvas  = - 55x65cm
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