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Myths & humans

Mater versus Spirit acryl, pastel 65x50cm
inspiration coming down acryl on paper
Tmelesness, mixed media on paper 65x50
Appearances, acryl op papier
Maternité, acryl on paper 70x50
Espoir, acryl op papier 65x50cm
Bits and pieces 107x78 acryl/pastel on paper
Travelling man, acryl/pastel op papier 65x50
Lumiere sortie de l' obscurité acryl/pastel on paper 107x78cm
Multiple perso acryl on paper 107x78cm
elongation 65x50
Fragmented man, collage 65x50 on board
Adam's rib, collage / acryl / pastel 50x40cm
Conflictual family, acryl on paper 65x50
les aléas de la vie, collage acryl 50x40cm
Changing moments collage acryl + 50x40cm
For the love of music, acryl,pastel on paper
le Gollem acryl on paper 40x30cm
Ariadne Acryl on paper 70x50cm
Icarus acryl on paper 70x50
Chimere acryl on paper 65x50cm
Help, collage 65x50cm
A demi mots, acryl on paper 70x50
Charactere Miroir, acryl on paper 50x70cm
Power of attraction 78x74cm acryl on paper
all is infinite as every part of it is
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